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Course Description: State Employment Tax Overview

In this seminar...

Representatives from the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Program and the Minnesota Department of Revenue will present an overview of key unemployment insurance and withholding tax issues, and will also provide the information you need to comply with state laws in these areas:

Unemployment Insurance (UI) Topics

  • Why do we talk to employers?
    • UI Program Overview
  • Independent Contractors
    • Are yours really independent?
    • Factors used to determine this
  • Wages to Report to UI
    • Definition of Wages for UI
  • Wage Detail Reporting Methods
  • Taxpaying vs. Reimbursing Accounts
    • Who’s eligible for what?
  • Tax Rate Calculation
  • Tax Rates
    • Minimum & Maximum Rates
  • Experience Rating
    • What causes your rate to increase?
  • Managing Your Tax Rate
    • How to Save Tax Dollars
    • Eligibility for Unemployment Benefits
      • Who gets paid and who doesn’t?
      • Which employers get charged?

Withholding Tax Topics

  • Voluntary Disclosure Agreements
  • Withholding Tax Requirements
    • Deposit Schedules
    • Filing Returns
  • Employer Responsibilities
    • Forms W-2 and 1099-MISC
    • Recordkeeping
    • Closing your Withholding Tax Account
    • Closing Your Business
  • e-Services
    • Two-step Verification
    • Third-party Access
  • Resources
    • Fact Sheets
    • Business Center

Who should attend:

Business owners, bookkeepers, and accountants who need a working knowledge of Withholding Tax and the Unemployment Insurance Program.

About The Presenters:

Aaron Tell, Communications/Outreach, Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Program - Aaron has extensive experience providing education and training of Unemployment Insurance (UI) information to employers and people requesting unemployment benefits. Duties also include gathering feedback from UI customers in user-testing sessions and then applying that information along with user-centered design principles to the Self-Service System, correspondence, and the UI website for a better user experience.

Karen Kittel, Management Analyst, Income Tax and Withholding Division Minnesota Department of Revenue - Karen’s duties include designing and delivering the Minnesota Withholding Tax outreach programs for new businesses and professional organizations. She is also responsible for managing the Minnesota Withholding Tax website content, and coordinating the development and maintenance of withholding tax forms, fact sheets and mass mailings. She has over six years of experience in Withholding Tax outreach programs and twelve-plus years of experience in HR Administration.

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