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Emergency Unemployment Compensation work search requirements

When the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program was extended to the end of 2012, several specific work search provisions were added to the EUC law.

  • Each applicant must make an intensive work search each week to be eligible for EUC
  • Each applicant must keep a written record of their work search and provide it to the unemployment insurance program upon request
  • Each applicant must attend a Reemployment Orientation session at their WorkForce Center
  • States must closely monitor applicants' work search
  • States must deny EUC benefits to applicants who do not comply with these requirements

Work search activities -- Beginning 4/30/2012, each EUC applicant will be asked additional questions when he or she requests benefits. These questions are intended to ensure that applicants are making an effective work search each week. Applicants' answers will be reviewed by Unemployment Insurance program staff. Failure to conduct an intensive work search will result in denial of EUC benefits.

The following activities satisfy the weekly job search requirement:

  • Visiting an employer's place of business to fill out a job application.
  • Preparing and mailing resumes in response to employer ads or job leads.
  • Telephoning employers to arrange for job interviews.
  • Attending creative job seeking skills classes, workshops, job clubs or other related job search activities.
  • Meeting with a career counselor and taking skills and interests tests.
  • Networking in your occupational field and industry.
  • Conducting searches using Internet job banks and bulletin boards as well as professional/trade publications.
  • Researching companies in your field of work and exploring current labor market conditions.
  • Maintaining contact with professional organizations.
  • Attending a Reemployment Session conducted at local WorkForce Centers.
  • Members of a referral union who are not allowed to seek employment on their own meet the work search requirement by remaining in good standing with the union.

Keep a record of your activities - EUC law requires that applicants keep a record of their work search activities. Failure to provide a record of work search activities upon request, will result in denial of EUC benefits. Download a Work Search Record form to record your work search activities.

Keep a record of:

  • Dates of employer contacts.
  • Company name, address and telephone number.
  • Name and title of person contacted about job openings.
  • Type of work discussed or applied for.
  • Method of contacts (phone, in person, etc.)
  • Results of contacts.
  • Name, date and provider of job search workshops attended.
  • Dates and details of networking activities and results.

Reemployment orientation - All EUC applicants will be scheduled to attend a Reemployment Orientation session at their local WorkForce Center. Applicants will receive a letter in the mail informing them of the date, time and place of the Reemployment Orientation. Failure to attend this orientation session will result in denial of EUC benefits.

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