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Pandemic-related financial relief: Reimbursing employers

Pandemic relief of charges now complete

We know this work has taken longer to complete than any of us would like. Most of the delay was caused by the complexity of the federal provisions that relieve charges. We have now applied all available federal and state relief to your account. The work we have done has resulted in much lower bills than would have otherwise occurred.

We will officially resume normal billing in April 2022

Understanding the financial relief applied to your employer account

What's next...

Our approach to adjusting benefit charges gives us a very high level of confidence in the calculation of your amount due. However, we know the pandemic created some unusual situations and we also want to give you an opportunity to tell us about something you think we might have missed.

  • In early March we mailed a letter to all reimbursing employers detailing what charges were relieved and what charges remain on their account.
  • Step-by-step instructions are available to help you review federal financial relief applied to your employer account. As you review your benefit charges, you may notice that they are quite complicated. This guide is not comprehensive and may not explain every benefit charge adjustment you see.
  • Please refer to the letter you received for specific instructions on how/when to report something significant you believe we may have missed.
  • We will officially resume normal billing processes in April 2022.

Questions and answers

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