EUC News - As of December 19, 2014

  • On April 07, 2014, the US Senate passed a bill that would reinstate EUC.

  • To date, the U.S. House of Representatives has not voted on the Senate's bill.

Without both houses of Congress agreeing on a bill, EUC cannot be reinstated.

EUC Program Ended December 28, 2013

  • The Emergency Unemployment Compensation Program (EUC) ended on December 28, 2013. EUC cannot be paid for the week of December 29, 2013 or later.

  • Even if you have a balance remaining on your EUC account, no payment can be made for the week of December 29, 2013 or later.

  • Notices regarding the end of EUC have been mailed to all EUC applicants.

What to Do After EUC Ends

Every applicant’s situation is different.

  • If you have worked in Minnesota or any other state since last applying for regular State UI benefits, you may be able to establish a new UI account. Log in to your account and look for the Apply for Benefits link in the upper left corner of your home page.

  • If you have NOT worked since last applying for regular State UI benefits, you probably are not eligible for regular UI benefits at this time.

What if EUC is Extended?

  • In order for EUC to be extended, both the US House and US Senate must pass a bill and the President must sign it into law.

  • The process for passing a bill can be complicated and hard to follow in the news.

  • Even if a bill extending EUC is passed, it’s possible that it would have different provisions than the current law.

  • If a bill extending EUC is passed:

    • We will immediately update this website.
    • We will immediately begin adjusting the benefit accounts of those affected.
    • We will send a notice by mail to those affected (please keep your address up to date).

If you need information about community and financial resources see Financial Help and Community Services .

Eligibility and effective dates for EUC is determined by federal law.

If you have questions about your benefits or how long they will last, please call UI Customer Service.

EUC and Federal Sequestration