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Child support

Withholding of benefits

Minnesota Statute provides the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance (UI) Program authority to withhold a portion of unemployment benefits for the payment of child support obligations.

If you are required to pay child support by a court or other enforcement agency, child support payments will be deducted from your weekly benefit amount and sent to the child support collection agency. If you believe that too much child support is being deducted, or if you have questions, contact the child support agency that is enforcing the support order.

The percentage of benefits withheld is determined by the child support enforcement agency. The amounts vary up to a maximum of 65 percent of the weekly benefit amount.

Changes to withholdings

Child Support cannot be changed or inactivated on the word of the applicant, only by an order of a court or administrative agency.

The UI Program must receive notification directly from the child support agency if any adjustments, including inactivation, need to be made to a child support deduction.

It is your responsibility to notify the child support agency that an updated court order is needed before the UI Program can take any action to adjust the amount being deducted.

Spousal support will not be withheld from unemployment benefits.

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