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Request for reconsideration

Any Decision made by an Unemployment Law Judge as the result of a hearing may be reviewed by the same judge if a Request for Reconsideration is filed within 45 calendar days of the mail date of the Decision. Any party can file a Request for Reconsideration. The appeal decision explains how to file a Request a Reconsideration. If a Request for Reconsideration is filed timely, the unemployment law judge shall issue an order resulting in one of the following:

  1. Modifies the findings of fact and decision;
  2. Sets aside the findings of fact and decision and directs that an additional evidentiary hearing be conducted, or;
  3. Affirms the findings of fact and decision.

The judge will generally not consider new evidence after a Request for Reconsideration unless:

  1. it shows that something submitted at the hearing was false; or
  2. it is particularly important and you can show a good reason you did not submit it at the appeal hearing.

If you remain unemployed, it is important to continue to make requests for benefit payments every week while the Request for Reconsideration is pending. You can only be paid for weeks that have been properly requested.

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