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Paying by Automated Clearing House (ACH) Credit

What is an Automated Clearing House (ACH) Credit?

ACH Credit is a banking term that applies to the electronic transfer of funds in which you, the customer, initiate the transaction by instructing your bank to transfer funds from your bank account to the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Fund's bank account. Your banking institution may require you to install software on your computer to create a file that the bank can use to process the ACH-Credit transaction. Be aware that your bank may also charge you a fee for this service.

Credit transfers

To make a payment by credit transfer, you must first contact your bank to confirm that they offer ACH credit origination services. If they do offer this service, you can request that they transfer funds to the state's bank account for the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Employer Account Number and amount you specify. Your bank will need the Minnesota UI Fund's bank information (listed below) to complete this transfer.

Credit banking formats

Supplemental filing information must be sent with your electronic payment using the ACH standard CCD+ formats. If your bank offers this service, they will have this information available.

What is the specific bank routing and account information for ACH Credit?

The Department's banking and account number information are listed below:

US Bank National Association
800 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Name of account:

State of Minnesota
Dept of Emply and Econ Development

Bank ABA number


Bank name:

US Bank

Account number:


What tax type code should I use?

No Tax Type Code is required. This field should remain blank.

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