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Year-end tax information

IRS Form 1099-G

Unemployment benefits are taxable under both federal and Minnesota law. If you received an unemployment benefit payment at any point in 2023, we will provide you a tax document called the “1099-G”.

Your 1099-G will give you the information you need to accurately report your unemployment benefits on your state and federal tax returns, including:

  • The total amount of unemployment benefits you were paid
  • The amount of federal and Minnesota state taxes we withheld on your behalf
  • Information on any overpayments you repaid

Where to find your 1099-G forms

We will mail a paper copy of your 1099-G to the address we had on file for you on December 31, 2023.

We will start to mail out 1099-Gs in mid-January and will complete all mailings by January 31, 2024. 

It is too late to change your address for the 1099-G mailing, but you can access your 1099-G online.

Understanding your 1099-G

Your 1099-G reflects the total amount of unemployment benefits you received. This includes:

  • Regular unemployment benefit payments
  • Shared Work payments
  • Any other kind of unemployment benefit payment
  • Extended benefit payments

The total on your 1099-G includes any amounts that were withheld on your behalf, such as:

  • Federal taxes
  • Minnesota state taxes
  • Child support
  • Overpayment offsets

Your 1099-G total does NOT include benefit payments that were processed in 2024, even if those payments were for weeks in 2023.

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