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Submit an appeal (tax rates and successions)

Follow these steps to submit an appeal for tax rates, succession, worker status and personal liability issues or election of coverage. Employers must assign the Account Maintenance Update and Submit and Benefit Account Update and Submit roles to their agent in order for the agent to submit an appeal on their behalf. In addition, all appropriate reporting units must be assigned.

Effective April 1, 2010, Minnesota Law, §268.103, Subd. 2a. requires that all appeals filed by agents on behalf of an employer must be filed online. This is effective for all department determinations and unemployment law judge decisions issued on or after that date. Use of another method of filing by an agent does not constitute an appeal. Agents, who have not been assigned the proper role to file an employer's appeal online, must instruct the employer to file the appeal.

(For instructions on how to appeal a determination or decision for benefits involving an applicant, see Submit an appeal: determinations and decisions.)

To submit an appeal electronically:

  1. Log in to your agent account.
  2. On My Home Page, select Searches.
  3. select Client Search.
  4. Enter the employer's name or account number, and then select Search.
  5. Select the employer's name to be viewed. The selected employer's Employer Home page will display.
  6. On the employer's Home Page, select Tax Appeals.
  7. Select File Tax Appeal. The File Tax Appeal page opens.
  8. Under Search, select the issue type to appeal from the drop down menu, and then select Search.
  9. Under Search Results, select the Document ID or Issue type of the Determination or Decision you want to appeal. (See example) The File Appeal page opens.
  10. Select File Appeal. The File an Appeal page opens.
  11. Fill in the requested information, and then select Next.

    Note: If you indicate in the hearing details that the employer will:

    • Be represented by an attorney, the Attorney Representation page will open. Enter the required contact information, and then select Next.
    • Present witnesses other than the contact person, the Witness List page will open. Enter required information, and then select Next.

  12. Under Appeal Schedule - Selection, select the option button for the appeal hearing date and time you prefer, and then select Next.
  13. Review the contact information, hearing details, and scheduling information.

    If you need to change any of the information, select Modify.

  14. If the information is correct, select Confirm to file the appeal. The Notice of Appeal confirmation page opens.
  15. Select Next to return to the File Tax Appeal page. From this page, you can submit a different appeal.

Note: To have evidence considered in the hearing fax* or mail your evidence five or more days before the hearing along with the Appeal Document Submission Form included with your Notice of Appeal to the Appeals office.

*The Appeals Office fax # is: 651-205-4007. No other fax number should ever be used unless instructed to do so.

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