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Recently separated service members

Unemployment Insurance benefits for recently separated service members

If you recently separated from active duty and are unemployed, you may apply for Unemployment Insurance benefits based on your active duty service. To be eligible for benefits, you must have completed your first full term of service and be separated under honorable conditions.

What do I need to know?

  • You must be physically in Minnesota when you submit your application.
  • Do not submit your application until after your separation date.
  • Apply immediately even if you have not received your DD-214 or don't have it with you.
  • Fax or mail us your DD-214, Member 4 as soon as possible after you submit your application. We need your DD-214, Member 4 to request military wages from your branch of service. It can take a few weeks to get military wages added.

After you apply

  • In order to be paid you must request benefit payments every week you are unemployed.
  • You must request a benefit payment every week even if we are missing wage information. If we receive the missing wage information and you are determined eligible, we will release any payments you have requested.
  • If you refuse a job offer, including work with a previous employer, you may not be eligible for benefits - see Eligibility Requirements.

Can I go to school while receiving benefits?

If you are taking classes that are not part of an approved training program, you must be willing to rearrange or quit classes if necessary to accept work. For more information see Going to School.

If you are in approved training through a reemployment assistance program for veterans, you are not required to seek or accept work while you go to school. However, you must make satisfactory progress on your training and when you are no longer in training you must immediately begin seeking work.

For information on reemployment assistance contact a Veteran's Employment Representative available at your nearest CareerForce location.

Additional resources

For more information about Unemployment Insurance - see the Information Handbook.
If you would like help in your work search, visit the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development's Veterans resource page.
For other services, visit our Veterans Services page.

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