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Zero wage reports

Employers can submit a zero wage report for quarters when no wages are paid.


Any employer that submits a wage detail report, but fails to include all employee information or enters erroneous information, shall be subject to an administrative service fee of $25 for each employee for whom the information is partially missing or erroneous. An administrative service fee may be canceled under certain circumstances.

To submit a zero wage report:

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. On My Home Page, click Tax and Wage Detail Reporting.
  3. Click Submit Wage Detail. The next page opens.
  4. Under Reporting Period, select the quarter and year for which you are submitting data.
  5. Under Filing Methods, select Zero Wage Report-No wages paid in quarter, and then click Next.

    A page will display indicating your intent to submit a zero wage report.

  6. Click Submit. The Wage Detail Submission Confirmation page displays with a confirmation number.
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