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How do I get paid?

Request a Benefit Payment by phone Tuesday - Friday.

Check the phone schedule to know your time to call.

Important: Make a request for benefit payment every week even if your eligibility is being decided or you have an appeal pending.

Play-Icon Benefit Payment: How to Get Paid (video, 9:22)

How to request benefit payment

Schedule and instructions for requesting benefit payments.

Working while collecting benefits

Explains how working affects benefits, what to report, and what happens if you fail to report that you are working.

Your first payment

Explains the soonest you can receive a payment and why the first requested week will be $0.

Payment options

Explains the two options for receiving your benefit payments, direct deposit or U.S. Bank ReliaCard.

Stay eligible

Understanding weekly eligibility requirements.

Print payment history

Instructions on how to print your payment history.

Stopping and starting benefit payments

Explains how your benefits are affected if you accept work now and later become unemployed again.

Applying for a benefit extension

There are no extended benefit programs available at this time.

If you need to find financial help or other assistance in your community, a place to start is Financial Help and Community Services.

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