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Appealing a Determination - in-person hearing criteria

Appeal hearings are conducted by telephone unless there are unusual circumstances requiring the hearing to be conducted in-person. Examples of such circumstances:

  • A participant requires a sign interpreter or reader and one is not available to be with the participant at the time of the hearing.
  • The number of participants is so large that placing telephone calls to the required locations is not practical.
  • A videotape or other visual medium is significant evidence to be presented at the hearing and all parties to the hearing do not have the equipment necessary to view the evidence prior to the hearing.
  • There is physical evidence that cannot be copied or photographed and provided to the other party.
  • Other factors which would make a telephone hearing impractical.

All requests for in-person hearings must be made to the Appeals Office at least 10 days before the scheduled telephone hearing. The decision to hold an in-person hearing will be made by the Appeals Office.

If an in-person hearing request is approved, the hearing will be held at the office of the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development in downtown St. Paul. An alternative location will be considered if the party requesting the in-person hearing resides or is located outside the Twin Cities area and a hearing location can be arranged without undue expense.

When an in-person hearing is approved, the party that did not request the in-person hearing may choose to participate by phone, except when a videotape or other visual medium will be part of the hearing. Witnesses may testify by telephone if authorized by the Appeals Office.

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