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Unemployment Insurance (UI) Tax Rates

The information on this page is a general overview of UI tax rates. For an overview of unemployment insurance tax, reference the Tax Rate Information section of the Employer Handbook. Tax rate information specific to your employer account can be viewed online by logging in to your employer account.

2020 Tax Rate Information

Taxable Wage & Rate Information

You can view your 2020 tax rate in your online account by going to:

View System Generated Correspondence

View Tax Rate History

For total cost roll-up factors, see 4-Year Tax Rate History.

Tax Rate for New Employers:

Employers who have only paid wages for a short time and do not qualify for an experience rating are considered "New Employers". We assign new employers a tax rate that is equal to the average for their industry. This ensures that a new employer has a tax rate that aligns with other businesses in their industry.

View New employer rates for 2020

Employers with an Experience Rating:

  • Your tax rate varies with the amount of UI benefits charged to your account
  • 8.90% - maximum tax rate (add 0.10% base tax rate for your 2020 UI tax rate of 9.00%)
  • Select Benefits Paid Charge Activities in your online account to view benefits charged to your account

Assessments for 2020

There is no Additional Assessment or Federal Loan Interest Assessment for 2020.

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