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Returning to work

What if I go back to work?

  • When you return to full-time work or want to stop requesting benefit payments for any reason, make your final request and then stop requesting. No notification is needed.
  • If you start work at your new job in the middle of a week, report your hours worked and your earnings for the week, even if you haven't been paid yet. You may be eligible to receive a partial benefit payment.
  • Remember to report your hours worked and earnings for the week, even if you haven't been paid yet.
  • Make sure to keep your password and unemployment debit card (if you have one) in a safe place in case you need to start requesting benefits again.
  • Keep the address on your account up-to-date for at least four years after your last request for a benefit payment. Even after you stop requesting benefits, your account may be audited or we may need to contact you for other reasons. If we can't reach you, audit findings will be made without your input and you will be responsible for any overpayments that might result.

What if I'm unemployed again?

Log in to your account at or call the automated phone system. You will be guided to either reactivate your account or apply for a new account. Either way you should be ready to provide details about your most recent employment. Remember to make sure your contact information, tax withholding and direct deposit information is up-to-date.

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