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Review employer details

To review employer balance due or credit amount available:

  1. Log in to your agent account.
  2. On My Home Page, click Payment Information.
  3. Click Review Employer Details.
  4. Enter the employer's name or account number, and then click Search.

NOTE: To search only for accounts that have debt due, select the check box Display Accounts With Debits Only.

  1. Under the Employer Name column , select the employer you want to review.
  2. The Account Summary Statement Period page opens, showing the total balance due or credit available on the account. You can choose to make a payment at this time by clicking Make Payment and then completing the following steps:

    1. Enter the payment amount; your bank account information in the Routing Transit Number and Bank Account Number fields; the Payment Effective Date; and then select the Account Type from the drop down menu.
    2. Click Next.
    3. Confirm banking and payment information, and then click Submit.
    4. The Receipt of Payment page opens.
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