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Online self-service system security

The Minnesota Unemployment Insurance online Self-Service System uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol. Data submitted is encrypted - similar to what is used by banks for online financial transactions and by the IRS for tax reporting, deposits and payments. The secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software is Secure FTP Server. For more information on this product, visit the company's website at:

The Unemployment Insurance (UI) Program is using Verisign SSL Certificates to authenticate Web users. All VeriSign SSL Certificates are capable of 128-bit SSL encryption as long as users have a browser that will support it (Internet Explorer (IE) 5.0+ and Netscape 6.0+). Furthermore, all VeriSign SSL Certificates also offer 256-bit encryption if the browser supports SSL encryption at that level (IE & Netscape 7.0+ and Mozilla's Firefox). The UI Program is using 128-bit SSL to secure users connecting to us using FTP.

Self-managed passwords for Web access provide a secure environment and allow employers to control different levels of access within their organization(s). The security is based on industry-accepted standards and experience with similar electronic government projects in Minnesota and other states.

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