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Notification of unemployment benefit account

Reference: Minnesota Law, §268.07 Subd.1 (b)

When an application for unemployment benefits is submitted to the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance (UI) Program, a Determination of Benefit Account is sent to the applicant and all base period employers, by mail or electronic transmission.

The Determination of Benefit Account describes:

  • The applicant's weekly and maximum benefit amounts
  • Wages used to establish the account
  • The maximum potential charges to the base period employer's experience rating or reimbursing account

IMPORTANT: Always review the wage records on the Determination of Benefit Account for accuracy. Wages listed during the base period are used to determine the applicant's weekly and maximum benefit amounts and can potentially affect charges to your account. If any of the wage information listed is incorrect, make the corrections where indicated and return the form to the UI Program.

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