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Employer account

Features of managing your account online:

  • Streamlined reporting
  • Automatic calculations
  • View and update your account-change your address, view payment history
  • Respond quickly to information requests
  • View benefits charged to your account
  • Securely authorize a third party agent to do business on your behalf

Play-Icon Account Registration (video, 12:41)

Play-Icon Take a Tour of Your Account (video, 10:21)

New account information

A starting point for new employers who want information about the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Program.

Obligations of employers

What you must do to be in compliance with unemployment insurance law.

Employer Self-Service System

Information about how to access and maintain your account information online.

System availability

A list of the times the self-service system is available.

Reports & Payments

Your responsibilities for submitting wage detail information and making payments.

Privacy and security

How your account information is kept secure.

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