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Information Handbook

Unemployment Insurance (UI) checklist

22c-checkmark.jpg Apply as soon as you are unemployed.
22c-checkmark.jpg Look for work and be ready to accept it.
22c-checkmark.jpg Request a benefit payment every week until you return to work full-time.
22c-checkmark.jpg Remember your password, keep it private, and do not use your UI password anywhere else.
22c-checkmark.jpg Read this handbook.
22c-checkmark.jpg Respond to all requests for information.
22c-checkmark.jpg Keep the address on your account up to date for at least four years after your last request for a benefit payment.
22c-checkmark.jpg Call UI Customer Service if you have questions (see Contact Customer Service).

Did you know... receive a benefit payment, you first have to make a request (see Requesting Benefit Payments)?

...benefits are not paid for the first week? (see When Can I Expect My First Payment?)

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